This time i’m quite late for the picture of the month as i was waiting and hoping to get some wildlife in snowy conditions. But unfortunately the temperatures here in Southern Germany as well as at my two last destinations California and Colorado were spring like 15°C. No sign of snow at all…So i decided to share a unique encounter with an american long-eared owl. During the winter months their cousins, the european long-eared owls roost in dozens in so called roosting trees not far from my hometown Munich, but i only see them moving or flying during darkness. This guy however in the SFO Bay area was all by himself and was hunting at dusk and dawn but mostly in good light so i was able to get flight shots of an owl. That was absolutely amazing to watch. It was there only for a couple of weeks and moved on…I was so lucky to be there at the right time…For more owl captures click here.