JUNE 2021

Long-tailed weasels belong to the mustelid family and are wide spread in North America and parts of Southern Canada. They mainly live on fields and open grasslands but sometimes they can be found in urban areas too. They are fearless predators and their main diet are voles, mice and other smaller rodents but they can kill prey much bigger than therselves like rabbits. Long-tailed weasels live in burrows or dens and sometimes they use a pile of logs or stones too. Their offspring is born in April to May and the litter is usually around 5-8 kits. With 4-5 months the kits are getting ready to be on their own and the family disbands. While being mostly nocturnal they can be seen during the day too especially when they have their youngs. During my last San Francisco trip i was able to watch a couple of these fast moving predators on a field in Northern California. For more California Wildlife click here.