The common (european) badger is the largest member of the mustelids family in Europe. It can grow up to 80cm in length and weigh up to 18kg. Badgers live in large familiy groups with several generations. Their dens have numerous entries and often foxes and rabbits live in the same den. The dens are often located in the forest near a meadow. Badgers are mainly nocturnal and sleep throughout the day. They feed on earthworms, insects, fruits, rodents and also hedgehogs.

Finding a badger den isn’t hard but to get a shot of a badger during daylight is quite difficult. When friends told me that a badger is visiting their backyard frequently to feed on fallen apples¬† i asked them if i could setup my camtraptions kit, a camera trap system using infrared sensor and flash to get good results in the middle of the night. I had the camera trap there for 10 days and the results were amazing, not only badgers but also foxes came to feed on the apples. I was so happy and appreciate the help of my friends who made this happen! For more badgers and bavarian wildlife click here.