For more than ten years i visit Point Reyes National Seashore almost every time while i’m on a San Francisco layover. For me it’s one of the most unique and beautiful places along the west coast of California. Although it’s a national park there are a couple farms living mainly on dairy and cattle. There has been a growing conflict between farmers and naturalists for the last years. Farmers want to use the public land more extensively and get more farm animals like pigs, sheeps, chicken etc. Further they want to reduce the numbers of native tule elk as they see them as food competitors for their animals. Naturalists want to keep Point Reyes wild. Last week the shocking news:

The responsible national park service allowed the farmers to use the national park area more extensively, they are also allowed to turn the grass lands into crop. Further they decided to reduce the number of tule elk meaning they will shot these majestic animals. The problems which will come with all these changes are devastating. Just for example badgers and burrowing owls will loose their dens, bobcats and coyotes their hunting grounds etc…and the predators won’t make a difference between a sheep or a mule deer so farmers will call for predator reduction right away! After all these wild fires and destruction of natural habitats the decision of the national park service is absolutely unacceptable. For more information and to support the tule elk: