December 2019

The bighorn rutting season is quite a spectacular event in the calender of a wildlife photographer. From mid november to early december the bighorn rams fight for their right to mate with the females. This year was the first time that i was able to capture the rut in full swing. While walking through Waterton Canyon, a mountain area just south of Denver, i heard the clash of the rams heads before i was able to see them. But after some more hiking i saw a heard of bighorn sheep, rams, ewes and even some lambs. The rams were chasing the ewes up and down the hills of the canyon and in between had some fights with other rams. Finally the most dominant ram was mating with the females. I spent many hours with them and took hundreds of shots and i must admit i was exhausted as well…what a experience! To see more pictures of bighorn sheep and other Colorado wildlife please click here.