My first trip to San Francisco in 2021 was an incredible wildlife adventure. I was rewarded with several bobcat sightings, a flight show of a short-eared owl and a surprise encounter of a long-tailed weasel. All this within just 3 days. The bobcats are in mating mode in the first months of the year and quite active during the day. So with some patience and luck you can find them on the fields looking for a mate. The short-eared owl hasn’t been seen for a week or so before my arrival, you can imgine how happy i was to be there during its visit. The owl was hunting in the fields for hours allowing shots from different angles. The long-tailed weasel was hunting on a field too and i was able to watch it for hours. With full memory cards and unforgetable memories i flew back home and looking already forward to my next Califonia trip…Click here for more pictures of bobcats, owls or wildlife of Point Reyes Wildlife