End of September and the beginning of October is the season of the red deer rut. Usually the stags and females live seperately in small groups throughout the year, but when the hormons start to kick in, everything changes dramatically. The strongest stags form harems and try to hold the females together, at the same time they have to chase away rivals who will try to get some of their females. At dusk and dawn (sometimes throughout the day) the bugling sound can be heard and usually this is enough to make things clear, only from time to time if there are two equal strong stags there might be a fight. I love especially the morning hours and i try to be in the forest while it’s still dark, to hear all these noises and than the bugling sound that’s just an amazing experience. If all the patience pays off and you get rewarded with some rutting red deer encounters – priceless! Fore more red deer pictures click here.