Wild Munich

In the green parks of Munich as well as in the adjacent forests there is quite some wildlife to discover. The green parks are home to many species of birds like woodpeckers, owls, raptors and many songbirds. At the ponds and the creeks there is a variety of waterfowl too like mandarin ducks, great crested grebes, mute swans just to name a few. Tawny owls and kestrels are one of my most favorite birds to capture here in my home town. But you can also see roe deer in the thicket and while walking along the river Isar keep a lookout for beavers. There are also some 5000! red foxes living in the city but they’re mostly nocturnal and hard to see. I love to stroll through the forests especially during weekdays and in bad weather. The sound of the singing birds and the clean fresh forest air and most of the time no or very few people – It’s like a energy booster and add some luck and you can have encounters with red deer, wild boar, hares, roe deer, red foxes, badgers and much more.