Unfortunately we only have a 24 hrs layover in Denver but in the summer months we arrive early enough to do some wildlife viewing in the late afternoon and early eavening. Due to a time difference of 8 hours (german time is +8 hrs) i’m easy awake at dawn so i can spend the morning until 2PM or so for another wildlife tour as well. This time i went to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge which is only a 20 min drive from downtown. On 15.000 acres there is a 9 miles wildlife drive as well as numerous hiking trails. Main attraction for sure is the american bison which once inhabited the whole prairie areas in millions. Today only some scattered populations are left in Yellowstone NP and in North and South Dakota. Besides that the refuge is home to mule deer, white tailed deer, black-tailed prairie dog and many birds like robins, meadow larke and bald eagles. For more Colorado wildlife click here.