Wild Singapore

Singapore – most people think of a never sleeping, clean, high-tech mega city. But beyond that there are some wildlife gems you wouldn’t expect. In the recent years Singapore did a lot to establish and to support nature parks and reserves throughout its small island. And wildlife is responding quickly. Today Singapore is famous for its smooth-coated otters, which can sometimes be seen directly at the marina gardens but also in many wetland areas and rivers. Besides this iconic mammal there are colugos, wild boars and monkeys just to name a few. Birdlife is thriving too with more than four hundred species of birds. Amomg them are buffy fish owls, spotted wood owls and different kind of kingfishers. Also the reptile world is worth a look, from the giant salt-water crocodiles to the smallest lizards and from very poisonous to harmless snakes a large variety can be found.