Orcas can be found in almost any seas of the world. Depending on the area they live and feed in, they’re very specialized in hunting. Most of my Orca pictures were taken around Vancouver Island, BC. There are two different kind of Orcas:

  1. The Resident Orca. Fish eating Orcas which live in large pods (up to several dozens) with complex social structures. They follow the large fish swarms (mainly Salmon) along their migrating route near the coast of Vancouver Island into the Inside Passage. Due to overfishing and pollution they are now considered as an endangered species.
  2. The Transient Orca. Mammal eating Orca. They live in small groups up to 8 individuals and hunt whales, seals, sea lions and any other kind of mammal. In search for food they often travel long distances. Some of the Orcas seen in BC were seen in California too.

These two different Orca species do not interact with each other.